Meal Plan for May 7-13

Last week I was able to spend a lot of time minimalizing our things!  I now have 2 large boxes and 3 trash bags of things to donate this week, and another quite large stack of things to sell in our next Consignment Sale!  There’s something about getting rid of things that really is so freeing!  This week I tackled clothes, and as odd as it might sound–I am now the person in our family who has the LEAST amount of clothes!  I finally whittled my wardrobe down to a true minimal wardrobe of 37 items or less!  I will probably do a post this week on my new minimal wardrobe, and which things I kept.  Minimalism is seriously changing my life, and I still have such a long way to go!

This week I hope to continue the trend of de-cluttering our home, although I do have a couple of plans this week, like attending the last MOPS group for this year!  I will miss going this summer, but I’m also feeling like this means summer break is starting, and I am super excited about summer and all that it holds this year!

Okay, enough about me!  On to our family’s meal plan!


Sunday, May 7

  • Leftovers!  “Clean out the fridge!”

Monday, May 8


Tuesday, May 9IMG_9743

Wednesday, May 10

  • Tacos

Thursday, May 11

Friday, May 12

  • Meat Lover’s Pizza!
    *I’m actually SO excited for this pizza!  A local Mennonite church sold these in a fund-raiser, and we will receive this pizza ready-to-bake on Friday!  We are a pizza-loving family anyway, so I can’t wait to try it!

Saturday, May 13

What’s for dinner at your house this week?




I have a FREE printable meal planner that I designed in January.  I am LOVING using it each week to plan my meals, and it looks cute on my fridge!  There are also printable recipe cards for a few recipes on this page, that you can download.

4 thoughts on “Meal Plan for May 7-13

  1. Going minimal is SO enjoyable and rewarding, oh my!! I loved those first few months of decluttering. I almost wish I could go back and do it again, lol! I still occasionally have donations to drop off but nothing like the early minimalist days. 😉
    How neat that you will be receiving a ready-to-bake pizza on Friday! Enjoy!

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    1. Yes, I think I will be a little sad when I finish. I LOVE the feeling of getting things out of my house, and then again the feeling of leaving it somewhere that it might bless someone else! So great!

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  2. I’m always so impressed with someone who can truly do the minimalist thing! I have decluttered a lot, but I’m nowhere close to minimalism. I must admit, clothing is the hardest part for me. 🙂 Your menus always look so yummy!

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    1. Thank you! My clothing has been coming off in stages. At first, I just got rid of things that were too worn or didn’t fit, or didn’t match anything. The second stage was “only keep what I love.”

      Last week, though, I put everything in outfits. I kept certain numbers of outfits. 4-5 Church/Casual Dinner Dressy Outfits, 4-5 Casual Dressy Outfits, and 4-5 Casual/Around-the-House-or-thePark Outfits, 4 Sets of Sleepwear, 2 Workout Outfits, and a few other things. There is some overlap in those catergories, but the total number is like, exactly 37! Ha!


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