Weekly Meal Planning Calendar

Plan all your meals from Sunday thru Saturday
this cute and fresh meal planner!meal-planner-image

Click here to download.

Recipe Cards

There are 3 cards per sheet of paper, and they are custom-designed to match the meal planning calendar above.  I print mine on basic card stock.  Page 1 is the front & page 2 is the back.  If you insert the pages back into your printer correctly, the backs should line up at least CLOSE to perfect.  Or if you have trouble you might just print the fronts and leave the backs blank for writing!

img_9600Click here to download a sheet of Printable Lined Recipe Cards to use in your recipe box!

Whenever I post a new meal that I did NOT find the recipe for online, I’ll share the recipe here! I hope you will enjoy our family favorites just as much as we do!  Let me know if you try or LOVE any of them!  As I make these meals again, I’ll take pictures of each dish and post that as well.  Scroll down to browse the recipes, which are in alphabetical order:

BBQ Chicken.  This is one of my husband’s recipes.  He used to cook a lot when he was in college, and loved to make big meals for all of his friends to come eat.  It’s easy and delicious!  Just like many of my recipes, I do NOT measure anything on this one.  I also switch up the spices pretty often, like adding a dash of hot sauce or chili powder for my husband who loves a lot of kick!  I’ve also sprinkled some garlic, paprika, onion powder….  Pretty much anything goes with barbecue chicken!

bbq-chicken-frontClick here to download the printable 4×6 recipe card in PDF.

Chicken Poppy Seed Casserole.  I thought my family had gotten this recipe from a church member, but my mom believes it came from my High School Home Economics teacher.  Regardless, I’ve adjusted it some and it now has a different taste from most recipes you’ll find online!  This has been a family favorite since I was around 12 years old!

Click here to download the printable 4×6 recipe card in PDF.

Chili.  This is my sister’s recipe, and is SO easy!  Her secret is that you MIX light and dark kidney beans, AND you mix hot & mild taco seasonings.  Easy Peasy!

chiliClick here to download the printable 4×6 recipe card in PDF.

Crockpot Potato Soup.  I derived this recipe based on a recipe in a tiny cookbook called “Our Favorite Slow-Cooker Recipes” that was published by Goose Berry Patch.  It suggested using both cream of chicken & cream of celery, but I didn’t have cream of celery on hand.  So I used cream of chicken and then just “winged it” from there, disregarding the rest of the recipe.  It turned out great!  Here is the recipe, but I will warn you–I never measure!  The ingredients do NOT need to be exact for this soup to be perfect!  🙂  Sometimes I even switch up the spices.  It is hard to ruin this one!  Enjoy!

crockpot-potato-soupClick here to download the printable 4×6 recipe card in PDF.

Quick & Easy Italian Herb & Cheese Bread.  I found this idea online, in the comments section of a thread somewhere, when I had run out of garlic but really wanted some garlic bread.  We loved it so much that we actually quit eating garlic bread for months and used this instead.

ital-herb-cheese-breadClick here to download the printable 4×6 recipe card in PDF.

Sugar Cookies.  My sister passed this recipe on to me from a friend of hers.  The cookies were PERFECT for Christmas cookies, and we’re using the recipe again for Valentine’s heart-shaped cookies!

Click here to download the printable 4×6 recipe card in PDF.

Taco Casserole.  My husband likes to experiment with random ideas sometimes, and this casserole just stuck.  If you like tacos, you will LOVE it!  (And who doesn’t like tacos?)  Although it contains habanero sauce, it isn’t overly spicy!  Our boys have eaten it even before they are a year old.  So delicious!

taco-casserole-frontClick here to download the printable 4×6 recipe card in PDF.

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