About Rachel

Hey friend!  My name is Rachel Self, and I’m a Christian wife, mom, homemaker, and (now) blogger!  Welcome to my blog!  I have missed writing so much in the past few years, and am so excited to finally be back at it!

My Story

I grew up as a Pastor’s daughter and loved it!  My Dad was the only pastor I ever had until I went away to college, and even today he’s tied for first place in the contest for best-pastor-ever!  (My husband’s pretty awesome, too!)   I have one older sister, and I’m so thankful that I’m able to live close to all of them today.  I was born in West Virginia, and even though we moved away when I was 8, there will always be a little bit of mountain in me.  But–I’ve loved most of the places I’ve lived.  With my family, I lived in West Virginia, Ohio, and Tennessee.  I attended Liberty University for my undergrad, and then did a 3-year internship at a Baptist Collegiate Ministry in Tennessee.  I absolutely LOVED working with college students, and truly hated to leave when my internship ended.  Of course, God had great plans!  I then went to Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.  I wasn’t sure what God had for my future, but I knew without a doubt that He wanted me to be there.  After being there for a year, I met my wonderful husband–an Oklahoma man who was also studying at the Seminary.  Within 3 weeks of dating, I knew he would be the one I would marry.  We got married less than 8 months after our first date!


About My Family

My husband Lane is a pastor of a small church in the smallest town in Tennessee. God has blessed us with the grand adventure of raising two incredible boys.  Nathanael is 2½, and Joshua is 1½.

Nathanael is feisty and hyperactive, but also gentle and loving.  He loves to pray with us, to carry his own Bible to church, and to “sing” with us–if that’s what you can call it.  His absolute favorite things in the world are “Toot-Toots”, and His Mamaw bought him a whole set of trains & tracks for Christmas that he can play with for hours weeks on end.  And, of course, his favorite show is Chuggington!

Joshua surprised us only 14½ months after his brother!  He is super strong, social, and very verbal!  He can often say words more clearly than his big brother.  He is determined–which is the nice way of saying that if he wants to do something, you probably aren’t going to succeed at stopping him.  He is adventurous and loves to jump off of tall things.  Thankfully, that hasn’t yet landed us in the emergency room!  He keeps us on our toes pretty much all day, every day.  His favorite thing right now is puppies.  He watches both Clifford and Paw Patrol, and loves to bark at the puppies.  He has a big stuffed Clifford that he loves to carry around the house and hug.


These boys keep me busy in and of themselves, but homemaking has been my biggest endeavor over the past few years.  Those who have lived with me over the years would have known me to be a slob.  I knew how to organize things but could never quite maintain the organization.  I’ve been growing a lot in homemaking though, and I hope to share a lot of what I’m learning here in the blog–my failures, my successes, and the messes I make as I try to figure out this stay-at-home-mom thing.  We all know it involves a lot more than just staying home, right?

Thanks for joining me and reading about my life at home.  I hope you’ll stick around and be a part of what I hope will become a community of women who help each other along in the mess that we know as life!  Let’s rock those aprons together, and let’s do it for the Lord!

Rachel    🙂

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