Meal Plan for February 12-18 & Free Printables

I’ve been doing meal planning off and on since I got married, but for the past year it has finally been something that I’ve been consistent with.  This month, I’ve even paid closer attention to our grocery budget, and I am SAVING money by meal planning!

I do my grocery runs every week on Thursdays.  Most months, my weekly shopping has ranged from $60-180, totaling about $350 per month.  That’s crazy!  In the past month, I’ve only bought the necessary things for my meal plan.  I’ve spent a range of $40-100 on my shopping, totaling about $200!  What?!?!  $150 savings just by planning ahead?   I’m just as stunned as you are!  🙂

I meal plan for every meal, but most days lunch consists of leftovers from the previous night’s dinner, and breakfast is fairly redundant as well.  My dinner plans are much more thorough, and I’d like to start posting my weekly meal plan each week, with links to some of the recipes.  Enjoy, and let me know if you add something to your recipe collection!


Sunday, February 12

  • Clean out the Fridge Day!  (We have plenty of leftovers from last week!)

Monday, February 13

Tuesday, February 14
Candlelit Valentine’s Dinner!

Wednesday, February 15

  • Leftover Spaghetti

Thursday, February 16

  • Open-Faced Roast Deer!
    *Stay Tuned for a post on Canning Deer Meat!

Friday, February 17pork-chops

Saturday, February 18

  • Tacos.  Always a family favorite, and no sides necessary!

So tell me,
What’s for dinner at your house this week?

Rachel  🙂


BONUS!  I have a FREE printable meal-planner that I designed about a month ago.  I am LOVING using it each week to plan my meals, and it looks cute on my fridge!  There are also printable recipe cards for a few recipes on this page, that you can download!

4 thoughts on “Meal Plan for February 12-18 & Free Printables

  1. I think I may steal your “clean out” day!! I always find left overs in the teas at the end of the week because NO ONE eats them, including myself because when I’m hungry I forget they are there lol. I have no idea what we are eating this week… I do meal plan but don’t have a specific day that I go shopping. Maybe I should work on that.

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    1. I’ve found that setting my shopping day helps me think through my meal-planning more. So while I plan, I’m checking to see what we already have, and making my shopping list from that. I usually meal plan Thursday right before I go shopping. It’s so helpful!


    1. It really has been so helpful, but it took me about 9-10 months or so before I really became consistent at it. There are still days where I look at the meal plan and say, “Nah”. LOL. Or we switch days. But overall we are finally sticking with it!


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