My Self at Home

{A New Start}

I used to blog, before I became a mom.  I loved it, and even had a pretty decent following for a blog that I didn’t put much time or money into.  But then I got pregnant, and pregnancy was rough on me.  I was working full-time, my husband was in his last semester of Seminary, and we were working toward moving 10 hours away.  I didn’t intend on stopping altogether, but that’s exactly what I did.  I completely disappeared from the blogosphere.  My blogging went from 3-4 posts a week, to once a month, to never.

I intended to pick it back up after our move, and after the baby came.  But I’m sure many of you know what life is like when you have a new baby in your house.  Add on top of that a traumatic delivery and a short NICU stay, and it was all I could do to get out of bed and load the dishwasher.  Six months into being a new mom, I found out I was pregnant.  Again!  I told myself life would settle down and I would get back to blogging.  In a way, it has settled down.  We’ve moved to a small town and my husband is a pastor now, but he works from home rather than a church office.  We’re able to do ministry together, and family together, and that has freed up a lot of my time and my mental function (mom brain, anyone?).

In other ways, life has gotten even busier.  We now have TWO toddler boys going full-speed most of the day—one of whom would prefer to just skip his nap altogether, and only needs about 7 hours of sleep per night.  I spend so much of my time chasing them, cleaning, and then re-cleaning! But I’ve also learned that the time for blogging is never going to just appear.  I have to carve it out.  I’ve been working on doing so for the last several months, and I actually waited to launch this blog until I knew I could stick with it.  I *think* I’m there now, so I’m diving in!  I hope you’ll all dive in with me!

Next up I’ll be sharing my reasons for blogging with you, and Tuesday I’m going to let you know what to expect from me and my blog!  I hope you’ll come back and visit me!

For now, take a few minutes and read my bio under “About Rachel”.  Leave a comment either here or there, and then head on over to connect on my Facebook page!  I’m so ready to get to know you, and I’m excited that you’re here to start this journey with me!

Rachel    🙂

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