My Reasons For Blogging

Before I set out to post the more ‘regular’ posts about faith, family, homemaking and other fun things, I want to share WHY I decided to start blogging again!   There are so many small reasons that I could have ignored, but these three reasons are the ones I just can’t escape–the ones that have been beating in my heart for over a year now.

1.  I LOVE writing!

In spite of the fact that I lost my honor’s scholarship mostly due to the papers I wrote for my English class, writing has become a passion for me!  I love journaling my thoughts and prayers, sending cards or letters, and writing Facebook statuses that are way too long.  Hopefully now that I’m back to blogging I will be able to give my Facebook friends a break!  (Let’s be honest…That’s probably not going to happen…)

2.  For Personal & Spiritual Reflection

Writing enables me to think more deeply.  When I’m writing often, I start to consider everyday moments in light of a bigger picture.  I begin examining my words, my actions, and my feelings.  When I’m writing, I try to look under the surface to find a story or an explanation.  I might begin to write the story that’s in my sinful heart, but seeing my heart written in black and white has this way of showing me how sinful and dirty my heart really is.  My excuses only sound good in my head, or thrown out in the middle of an argument.  In text, they stand out boldly as the deceivers that they are.  When I’m writing, I become a better person.  I examine myself.  I find truth through prayer and His Word.  I become a better person, also, because of YOU—my readers.  While you could comment on my posts and ream me, that’s not really what makes me better.  It’s, instead, the responsibility God gives me for the words I share with you.  I’m automatically pushed to higher standard simply because I’m now a potential leader for other women.  That’s not a responsibility that I take lightly, and my hope and prayer is that I will never lead you away from God or His Truth.

3.  To Build Up Other Women

Titus 2 gives a clear command for women to teach women.  Much of my generation seems to be missing out on the rich wisdom that the women who’ve gone before us have to offer.  I want to be a woman who:

  • Is willing to be used by God as a teacher.
  • Teaches those who are younger than I am in the faith.
  • Connects women with other women who will point them to Christ.

I fully believe that this blog and the community of women it builds can be used greatly by God.  I’ve been challenged, convicted, and encouraged by so many things I’ve read across the internet.  It is my hope that this blog will become a place where you will find hope, joy, contentment, laughter, and most of all—wisdom from God that is based on His Word.

I’m so glad that you’re here today, and if you are a woman—I hope you’ll keep coming back!  My deep desire is that this blog will be a place where you and I can be nudged a little closer to the Lord.  A place you can come when you are in the trenches, knowing that there’s someone else here who is there with you—walking through the sludge.  A place to connect with other women.  In a world that has a tendency to beat us down, I hope this will be a place that will build you right back up—empowering you to live the God-honoring, fulfilling life that can only happen through Christ.

Rachel   🙂

12 thoughts on “My Reasons For Blogging

  1. I love these reasons. We all need encouragement, and through each other, I believe we can find it. Thank you for posting this blog. I’ll be looking forward to reading more!


  2. Rachel I am so excited that you are back writing!!!!!!!!! You go girl. I love to read your blogs!!!I have missed themI know it is a passion of yours to share the Lord and what he does in your life as a woman, wife and mother. Plus it keeps me, ( mom and grandma ) tuned in to what goes on in my Precious kids and grandkids life. God bless you Rachel. I am lookingforward to your blogs. Tell Lane and the boys I love them and you too. lol


  3. Thanks for including us in your journey of life. Even though I am older than you physically and spiritually, I believe I can glean from what you have to offer. We all need to embrace a teachable spirit!!

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