A New Addition

Where have I been? Life has been busy, and there are actually several posts that I want to write about the things that we’ve been doing over the last few weeks. A lot has happened, but the biggest change has been a new addition to our family.


Meet Jojo!  She is now a 9-week-old “Doberdor” puppy, which means she is part Labrador and part Doberman. She will be a very big dog!

17358608_10103269878484658_378707063417920118_oA couple of months ago, two sweet puppies showed up in our town. I fell in love with the little black one, and it didn’t have a collar on.  I tried to find out if they had an owner, and planned to keep at least one of them if I could not find an owner.  However, I found out that they belonged to a little boy in our town who is about 10 years old.  I was disappointed, but I figured we didn’t need a dog yet anyway. We had decided that we would not get a dog until our oldest son was old enough to take care of it. He just turned three, and I just didn’t think he was quite ready.

After that happened, people came out of the woodwork offering me dogs. Full grown dogs.  Puppies. Pit bulls. Scrangy looking mutts.  It seemed that once they found out I was a dog lover, they thought they could unload just about any dog on me. I kindly explained that we weren’t ready for a dog yet, but that sweet puppies had simply pricked my heart.  They finally let it go, or so I thought.

Three Sundays ago, we were just about to put our boys down for their afternoon nap, and we heard a knock at the door. It was our neighbor and a local girl. In their arms were two very sweet black puppies.

“We brought you some visitors!” he said.  We and our two boys started to play with the puppies. One was very calm, and the other seemed to want to play.

Our neighbor told us, “You can keep one or you can keep both.”  We quickly noticed that keeping neither wasn’t offered as an option. LOL!  We asked a few questions about the dogs breed etc. and then my husband looked over at me to see what I thought. He was inclined to say that we would think about it, but then he saw me cuddling one of them and noticed the smile on my face.  Our neighbor noticed my smile too, and pointed it out.


I had fallen in love again, with the sweet playful puppy. We were able to keep the puppy right then and there! We played with her and got her settled, and then finish getting our boys settled for their naps.  Then we spent well over an hour deliberating on names for her!  It was almost harder than naming our children, LOL!  My husband was reading a list of names online, and when he passed “Jojo,” I smiled.   It just seemed to fit!  Plus, that’s Joanna Gaines nick-name (You know, from HGTV’s Fixer Upper….).  I’m not sure if it’s an honor to have a dog named after you or not.  If not, well….Sorry Joanna!  But Jojo has a sweet and spunky personality that is a lot like Joanna Gaines’, at least as far as I can tell from watching a TV show.  So she has a name, and I’m so excited!

Since then we’ve been trying to train her and get her ready to live in our backyard. We have had to sure up our fence and build a doghouse for her.  She keeps us busy!

She is very small and can get out of our yard easily, so we bring her in for sleep and for when we go places. She is getting better about not peeing in the floor, but it still happens occasionally.  Bleh.  And OH MY……the chewing!  We have to be forever on guard.


But it has been totally worth it. She is sweet and playful, and I have loved watching our two boys play with her in the yard. Though Nathanael is not quite old enough to fully take care of her, he’s already able to feed her when I remind him.  I’m so proud of him!  And as a side note, I’m also kind of liking not being the only female in the family!  😛

So what about you all?  Do you have pets?  Have you ever been blessed with a surprise puppy before?

Rachel  🙂

^Jojo’s first Selfie!