Consignment Shopping

One of my favorite seasons of the year is “consignment season”!  Yes, it’s a season for me, and it comes twice per year!  Every March, and then again in the fall (usually August), there are three consignment sales that are within an hour drive for me.  Two of these, I make sure to hit every time!

Now, a lot of people love to go check out consignment sales and find great deals.  I, however, always go with a list–which surprises people.  Before I start my shopping, I think about the coming season.  I make a list of how many of each type of clothing each boy needs to own, and in what sizes.  Then, I pull out their drawers, and the boxes of their upcoming sizes, and see what they already have.

From that, I make my shopping list.  I want to make sure my boys have church clothes, play clothes, casual clothes, pajamas, swimwear, and shoes.  Sometimes we need a hat, coat, jacket, or gloves.  On the list this spring is an Easter Sunday outfit for Nathanael.  Joshua will wear the one Nathanael wore last year (Score!).

Two weeks ago was the first of my favorite two sales–the Consigning Mothers Sale in Paris, TN.  I got there about an hour after it opened to the public (because I always struggle with being late), and there was still a great selection!  I was able to buy about half of everything I need!  At that sale, I spent an average of $1.79 per item of clothing, and everything is in like-new condition.  And I scored a few super-cheap family games and wooden puzzles for Nathanael, in brand-new condition!

Today I’m going to my second sale of the season.  It’s a large sale called the Kentucky Kids Consignment Sale.  It’s slightly further from home, but still close enough to make it worth the trip!  (In all honesty, I went to this sale every time, even when I lived 2 hours away…)  I have no doubt that I will be able to finish all my shopping for the boys’ spring and summer clothes!   I almost always spend slightly more at whichever sale is second–simply because I am pickier at the first sale, knowing that I have another opportunity coming up soon.  More than likely, I’ll still spend less than $2.50 per item–maybe even less!

All of our things that I had prepped for the sale!  I’m hoping to make enough money to cover my shopping there!  🙂

This year, I even tried something new, and consigned my own things with the Kentucky Kids Sale!  It was a lot of work to get things ready, but it was much easier than having a yard sale, or than selling things on Facebook buy & sell groups.   I took all my things to check in on Monday and it was super easy.  By my choice, anything that does not sell, they will donate to a local charity, and we’ll be able to deduct it from our taxes.  I won’t even have to go back to pick up the items!  I can’t wait to see how much money I make!

Do you consignment shop?  What kinds of things do you look for?  I’d love to hear about your favorite local sales or shops!

Rachel 🙂








My First Experience with KidBox

Disclosure: The links in this post are referral links.  I don’t receive any payment for my opinions, but when you sign up through my links, I’ll get a discount on my next purchase.  And as a BONUS, you’ll get $25 off from Kidbox as well!

Have you heard of Kidbox?  It’s another one of the many subscription services you can get these days, and this one is all about getting great clothes for your kids!  It is the second company I’ve tried that advertises this product.  The first was Rockets of Awesome, but I took one look at the prices and knew I wouldn’t keep even one thing in the box.  I did still look at all of the pieces, and was shocked to find the box full of mostly very thin t-shirts and very generic clothes.  There was ONE puffy vest in Joshua’s box that I loved, but it was $36 and we really didn’t need it.

After my experience with Rockets of Awesome, I really wasn’t sure I’d try another of these children’s clothing subscriptions, but……  both of these truly are FREE to try!  Unlike Stitchfix, the adult version of these, there is no stylist fee or anything.  You get the box, decide what to keep, and send the rest back.  If you drop the entire box back in the mail (free shipping both ways) then you will never be charged a penny!


So when I discovered Kidbox I figured I had nothing to lose.  And I’m so glad I gave them a chance.  It was a drastically different experience than Rockets of Awesome!

Here are a few observations upon opening the box:

  1. img_9460 The box is like a coloring book!  Nathanael’s box even came with crayons to color it in.  The crayons were left out of Joshua’s box, but I assume they do that on purpose because he is under two.  There were also STICKERS, which Nathanael LOVED!
  2. The clothes are much better quality than were ROA’s.  Everything was made by a name brand that I recognized as good quality.
  3. They paid attention to the style profile I filled out online and the clothes were catered to my preferences for each boy.
  4. The cost per item wasn’t too high to start with (ranging from $12-$20), but if I keep the entire box, the cost per item goes WAY down to just under $11 per item.  (I kept the entire box!)

Here’s a peak at some of the clothes that came in their boxes:

I’m in LOVE with that jacket!  AND the awesome orange sweater outfit that came with a matching button-up and jeans.  My boys looked so cute at church last week, wearing their new Kidbox clothes!

Nathanael didn’t enjoy the trying on process, but I got pics of Joshua in lots of his, and had so much fun dressing him up!

All in all, I’d say that Kidbox is lots of fun!  The only down-side is that once you sign up, you will keep receiving boxes 4 times per year.  While that could be helpful, I’m not sure that I’ll spend that much on their clothes more than once a year.  Still, all I have to do is drop it back in the mail if I don’t want it, and a simple email will stop the automatic shipments.  I do wish, though, that there was an easy button on the account page that would let me either schedule a one-time box, or set up automatic shipments on MY schedule.  (For the record, Rockets of Awesome is set up the exact same way.)

So what do YOU think?  Have you tried any of these subscription-type things?  Let me know which ones you love, or which ones you’ve been wanting to try!

Rachel  🙂

^I’m feeling under the weather today, but I have chocolate!