Today I Have a 3 Year Old!

3 years ago today I got to lay eyes on a precious baby boy that I had waited 41 weeks to see. It was a rough day, and a hard way to enter the world–but he was finally here!

Skin to Skin!

We didn’t yet know that we would have to stay at the hospital for 5 more days, and go back and forth from our room to the NICU to visit him. In spite of the difficulties, he was still the biggest blessing I had ever seen. The day of his birth is a blur to me, but I can remember the coming days clearly–the cords and IVs hooked up to him, the beeping of the monitors, the cuddling him and trying to learn how to nurse him.


Everything was new, and hard, and yet beautiful at the same time.

At his birth he weighed 8 pounds, 10 ounces and was 22 inches long.


Today he weighs 34 pounds, is 39 inches tall, and wears a mix of 3T & 4T clothes and size NINE shoes. (Yes, he still has big feet!)


He loves trains, puzzles, books, coloring! His favorite shows to watch are Little Einsteins, Chuggington, Paw Patrol, and Go Diego Go. His favorite foods are pizza and tacos, which he asks for several times a day. He loves to talk, make animal sounds, and has been learning his shapes, colors, and letters. He’s doing great! He’s {mostly} potty-trained, sleeps in a big boy bed, and can even clean his room {sort of}. We are very proud of him and the boy he is growing up to be!

Nathanael Birthday Collage

Happy Birthday Nathanael!
Mom & Dad love you very much!

Rachel 🙂  *and Nathanael!