8 Things that are Cheaper on Amazon Than at Walmart!

So my husband has been doing a series on finances at our church on Wednesday nights, and as a result we have been doing some examining of our budget.  One of the ways we like to save money is by using Amazon Subscribe & Save.  The trick is that you need to make sure to have FIVE items in each month’s shipment.  You save regardless of this, but you can save 15% rather than 5% when you have five or more items in that shipment.

Not that I’ve done that before or anything….

For us, Subscribe & Save started just as a way to get diapers for less, but it has now expanded into SO. MANY. THINGS!  Last night I got online to adjust my subscriptions (I do this every month to make sure we don’t end up with 10 giant boxes of Goldfish!  ⇒ )

Every time I get online and look at the things we get, and their prices, I’m amazed all over again at how much we save!

We also have an Amazon Store Card, so we save 5% MORE off of any prices I mention below!  It’s an excellent deal if you use Amazon often!


Now, not ALL things are cheaper than Walmart, but we have price-checked everything we buy, and here are some things that ARE cheaper than our local Walmart!

  1.  Diapers!  You may get great prices at places like Costco, but there isn’t one near where we live.  I do know that Amazon is MUCH cheaper than Sam’s when it comes to diapers, and the difference from Walmart is even greater!  We get enough diapers for 5-6 weeks for about $25.  With Subscribe & Save, diapers are actually 20% off, rather than 5% or 15%.  It’s definitely the best deal we’ve found on Amazon!
  2. Baby Wipes!  These are cheaper than at Walmart, but were actually slightly cheaper at Sam’s.  But when we calculate the Sam’s membership (that we no longer need), buying from Amazon just makes much more sense!
  3. Goldfish Crackers.  These come out to about 20 cents per ounce!  If you have toddlers, chances are these are a staple of your diet!  Now, you have to buy 6 large boxes at a time, but if you have room to spare–they are much cheaper than Walmart!  You can find lots of other snacks as well.  We have bought both apple sauce cups and veggie straws for our boys!
  4. Make-up.  Now of course this depends on what kind you use, but I found my foundation, concealer, and mascara for cheaper than Walmart!  The concealer was HALF-price!  Amazing!
  5. Feminine Products.  My tampons and pantiliners were BOTH drastically cheaper on Amazon!
  6. Toilet Paper.  I buy a giant thing of toilet paper no matter where I shop, and the price on this was only slightly less than my Walmart.  BUT, I don’t have to buy it at the store and have it taking up over half my cart.  Amazon’s definitely easier!
  7. Dishwashing Detergent.  We use Palmolive Eco-Gel something-or-other (ha!) and it’s only 9 cents per ounce on Amazon.  To top that off, my first order was FREE!  That’s THREE containers, for FREE!
  8. Disposable razors.  Men’s AND Women’s!  They have so many kinds to choose from, and they are definitely cheaper than Walmart!

Do you use Amazon or any other similar services?  Tell me in the comments what your favorite bargains are, and your favorite places for buying all your random necessities!

Rachel 🙂


2 thoughts on “8 Things that are Cheaper on Amazon Than at Walmart!

  1. I have recently started using grove.com for all natural cleaning products. The prices and options are similar to walmart if your walmart carries them, and mine doesn’t. I have considered Amazon, but haven’t decided yet, but your post makes me think. We dont buy goldfish crackers any longer because they are now 6.97 at walmart for the large box. It adds up, so if we could find a better deal, I might be game.


    1. They are $6.22 on Amazon, but you have to get 6 boxes at a time. We get another 5% cash back on ours because of the Amazon Store Card, so it comes out to $5.91. Still high but our boys love them!

      One downer is that I have to get the Goldfish Colors with Amazon. Most of the time I avoid artificial colors but it’s $1 cheaper per box, and still a “non-junk food” snack!

      I have gotten one order of Grove cleaning supplies but I’ve only used one thing so far–the Mrs. Meyer’s Multipurpose cleaner. I have to say I loved it! I was thinking of switching to all natural cleaning supplies but we started trying to cut our budget, right at the time I thought about making the switch. So now I’m kind of waiting. I’m also not sure my husband will think natural cleaning supplies are worth the extra money….


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